benecos NATURAL QUATTRO EYESHADOW coffee & cream, zertifizierte Naturkosmetik (BDIH)

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Amazing eyeshadow, crappy container
von am 17.10.2019
I love this eyeshadow so much, but the container that it comes in is not very durable. After a few months in my make-up bag, it started breaking off in little pieces. After a few more months, the lid has completely detached, making using this product a pain to use and making a mess of my make-up bag.

However, I'm extremely picky about my eyeshadow and the product itself is wonderful, so I continue to use it. The colors actually look the same once applied and last all day.

I hope that there's a solution to the container of the four pack soon. I would be extremely happy with a sturdier container capable of holding multiple colors that can be refilled.
Hält den ganzen Tag
von am 19.05.2019
Ich verwende die Palette nun seit 1,5 Jahren täglich. Tolle Farben und super Haltbarkeit. Gibt man etwas Puder darunter, hält der Lidschatten den ganzen Tag ohne sich in der Lidfalte abzusetzen. Gute Pigmentierung. Tolles Produkt.

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